Kindred Trilogy - Books 1, 2, & 3.
The Kindred Trilogy is now complete and available in a box set

Thirst - Georgie is young, she has her entire life ahead of her, or so she thought. Unexplained events begin to happen, and a trip to the doctor, leads her to find out she is dying. Each day grows harder and more difficult to get out of bed. She just wants to spend what time she has left in the arms of her dream lover. This book is for anyone that has lost a loved one, and wished that Vampires were really real.

Hunger - The second novel in the Kindred Trilogy is a Vampire Romance with a lot of bite. Meet Mr. Brandon Rouge the maker of Dominic (Thirst - Kindred Trilogy - Part 1)
He has a dry sarcasm that perpetually delivers him into trouble. This is not the guy you love to hate. He's the vampire you hate to love.

Lust - From the second we are born, we begin to die. 
What if you had an affliction, a vice, that would leave you insane if left unsatisfied?
What lengths would you go to in order to find the one who can make your existence pleasurable? 

A Thirst to be quenched.
A Hunger to be sated.
A Lust to be satisfied.