Bloodlines Trilogy - Books 1, 2, and 3.
The complete Bloodlines Trilogy 
The Bloodlines Trilogy is all three amazing 'Best Selling' novels in one.
Blood Runs Deep - Book #1
Bloodties - Book #2

Line of Descent - Book #3

Reviewers are raving about this unique Vampire trilogy, full of suspense and mystery to keep you turning the pages.

In Blood Runs Deep - Experienced Detective Casey Marks, has seen her fair share of action, but nothing could have prepared her for what she was about to walk into. Working undercover on a drug ring, Casey looks set to die when her cover is blown. However, when she miraculously survives, she is determined to uncover the truth about what really
happen seconds before she lost consciousness.

In Bloodties - The city is under siege from rogues. Can one vampire with a conscience save them all? Damon is the tormented loner that has been outcast by his maker and his brethren. Can he save his human friends, his beloved Beth, humans
and vampires alike? Beth was created out of vengeance to fuel the feud between Damon and Victor. Beth is the only woman Damon has ever loved or lost. Can he save her from being a pawn in Victor’s evil game and can he save her from herself?

In the third and final impressive
instalment in the 'Bloodlines' trilogy - Line of Descent. 
What will happen when the city is faced with the first. Saligia is the first vampire in history.
She was created by Genesis thousands of years ago? Now she wants what she believes is her right, and she's willing to fight to the death to get it. Who will survive in this blood thirsty paranormal romance? Don't miss out on the thrilling conclusion.